Information about the clean room

Cleanroom is an innovative technical room in which the concentration of pollutants doesn’t exceed certain limits. There are specific requirements to the clean the air in modern factories and hospitals. World practice encourages quality control on the concentration of suspended particles per unit volume of air, as well as on the maximum allowable number of viable organisms per unit volume of air.

To achieve the required parameters of air cleanliness, it is not enough to apply common ventilation systems and traditional engineering solutions. You can solve this problem effectively through an integrated approach, taking into account the specific features of every single room (space-planning characteristics, technological purpose, the requirements for cleanliness and climatic parameters), and the common features of all the rooms.

The technical equipment of the cleanroom largely depends on the requirements imposed on the air. Typically, complexes are generally carried out in a modular fashion. They include a system of air preparation, decontamination and distribution, climate control system, main design elements for sealing, as well as embedded medical, technological or engineering equipment, depending on the task.

The main characteristic of the cleanroom is its class. It depends on the general condition of the cleanroom. All-Union State Standard (GOST) ISO 14644-1-2000 defines three states of cleanrooms: as-built, as-rest and operational. For each class its own minimum number of conditions is required under which the cleanliness class is defined.