Scheduling in hospitals

Dispatching system in hospitals

Dispatching system is a necessary part of flexible and cost-saving operation of the institution.

It allows quickly responding to abnormal situations arising during the operation of engineering systems. Ultimately, dispatching system helps to cut down the operating costs.

Modern hospitals, both those newly constructed and those undergone the modernization, usually meet new requirements for buildings, therefore, they have many different engineering systems inside. Modern hospitals or any other medical institutions must provide a full range of necessary services to the patient.

All abovementioned, as well as the requirements of sanitary norms and rules, leads to the fact that ventilation facilities need to include complex system of ventilation, heating and air conditioning. In addition to these facilities, the number of other systems is used, such as lighting, fire protection systems, security, CCTV and other systems.

It provides reliable operation of the entire medical establishment, but also requires high consistency and accuracy of the automation and dispatching.

They provide an opportunity to make capital cost lower and to provide a high-quality climate reducing the operating costs, usually by reducing energy consumption and improving the reliability of equipment. In addition, dispatching and automation system provides the opportunity to ensure smooth air flow and uninterrupted process of heating, ventilation, automatic climate control and timely triggering alarm systems. Given that high demands are made to healthcare facilities and their security in particular, dispatch system is simply of extreme necessity.

Functions of dispatching systems:

– Ensuring continuity of heating processes, ventilation and automatic climate control;

– Alarm systems timely operation;

– Keeping records of equipment performance and providing information on the need to carry out engineering works.