Medical console

Medical Management is an important element equip the facility. Consoles have important functional significance and are decorative in nature, allowing hide the gas and electricity, to provide easy access to the connectors.

Our company supplies medical consoles for various purposes, and a complete set of design solutions, depending on customer requirements.

By appointment console is divided into the following types:

  • ward (light)
  • resuscitative
  • surgical
  • Anaesthetic

According to the type of performance:

  • wall
  • type «bridge»
  • type «column»
  • ceiling

Equipment consoles includes electric and gas blocks, according to customer module can be installed call medical staff. Electrical outlet and the unit is equipped with earth terminals, gas block – gas valves (oxygen, compressed air (high and low pressure), vacuum, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide) and the corresponding connectors. In completing the console can be included attachments. Also, on consoles, may establish additional rails for the equipment.
Below are some versions consoles.

Ward wall console

Installed in the wards longer stay patients.
Standard equipment includes a console:

  • wall Light
  • 4 outlet
  • oxygen valve
  • flowmeter
  • block call medical staff (as required)

Ward wall consoles are not just for the convenience of the medical staff, but also to create the most comfortable conditions for the patient.
At customer equipment console can be changed.


At customer equipment console can be changed.

Resuscitation console

Resuscitation console placed in rooms where the mandatory use of medical gases: intensive care, intensive care rooms, recovery rooms, wards and other infants

Standard equipment includes resuscitation console:

  • 8 power sockets
  • 4 valves (2 oxygen, vacuum valve and valve compressed air 5 bar.)
  • 2 rails for equipment
  • flowmeter
  • vacuum Controller
  • aspiration capacity

At customer equipment console can be changed.

Ceiling (surgical, anesthetic) console

Ceiling brackets are usually placed in the operating theater, anesthesia, delivery room, etc.

Roof console allows you to conveniently organize the workplace physician, ergonomically placed medical equipment, providing quick access to necessary elementam.V Depending on the application, completing the console can have many individual options ispolneniya.Potolochnaya console can be equipped with electric drive, which facilitates the movement of its functional elements.