Designing systems

When designing ventilation and air conditioning systems for healthcare institutions one should be aware that there should be several systems in such buildings. Ventilation system should fully regulate the humidity level, dust filters, direction of clean air flow, temperature, and speed of ventilation process.

According to the requirements, separate ventilation systems should be provided for surgical, intensive care, delivery units, in the wards for newborns and premature babies, laboratories and X-ray units, bathrooms and many other objects. It is allowed combining general ventilation system same-purpose units only and only in cases of infectious patients’ absence.

In hospitals and other medical institutions it is allowed to use exhaust ventilation only, and fresh air system can be used only in the corridor or lobby respectively. Supply and exhaust ventilation can be used in pharmacies and in health and leisure facilities.

Specific requirements of sanitary norms and rules apply to the location of ventilation systems. The noise from it shouldn’t be heard in doctors’ offices and in wards for patients. Special table is designed to test the noise and design parameters, according to which the capacity used for ventilation systems is calculated and used.

Separate requirements exist for pharmacies. Since during storage and manufacturing of medicaments finest drug particle dust may get into the air – that is why ventilation system is so necessary.