Wall cladding

Wall protection systems

Usually medical institutions have a great traffic of people daily. Inevitably all the building surfaces accumulate dirt not only on the floor, but also on walls, they get damaged and lose their attractive look. For hospitals and other medical institutions that should always meet high hygiene requirements it is absolutely unacceptable. So it is important to pay attention to the systems of wall protection. Using them will not only protect the walls from damage, but also will ensure their longer service life. It’s no secret that not all the materials used as wall cladding will manage meet the requirements for health care institutions.

Wall protection systems for hospitals include:

– Crash protectors;
– Handrails;
– Corner plates;
– Wall panels;
– Plastic wall covering.

Our company offers wall, corner and door protection systems, providing the necessary proofing against damage caused by the high traffic of people and wheelbarrows.
Helping to minimize the need for constant repairs and maintenance, wall protection systems also reduce the costs and improve the overall look of the hospital interior.
The product range includes handrails and combined rail, wall protection, corner protection, door protection systems, etc.

Wall protection system is an ideal choice for any organizations including those from pharmaceutical, education, healthcare, and commercial spheres. Click on the links below to see how different combinations of interior protection systems can be used in organizations of health care, education and administration.

Health care facilities
Educational institutions
Administrative agencies